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True centricity involves hearing the voice of the patient and getting it involved in your trial design. Doing so will allow you to design trials that are friendly to patients and sites, while allowing you to improve recruitment and retention.

In this recent editorial on Clinical Leader, Editor Ed Miseta interviews Brenda Cooperstone, VP and chief development officer for the specialty care business unit at Pfizer. She discusses the efforts made to understand sickle cell patients, their condition and how the company should interact with them during visits to the emergency room.

Another article highlights how one rare disease firm merged gene therapy with patient centricity. “Patient Centricity is still a new role for us, but one that Abeona has chosen to prioritize,” says Michelle Berg, VP of patient advocacy.

“It’s typically something you see in foundations or organizations that are driving awareness and education for rare disease, but can be rarer in pharmaceutical companies. It’s a long awaited time for the company and our patients and their families and we are pleased to be advancing these potential treatments into the clinic.”

Join Berg and the rest of the panelists to discuss patient centricity in more detail at Clinical Leader Forum, May 10 – 11 in Philadelphia, PA. Join the session: Patient centricity that yields results: How others are getting it done. Learn how others sponsors are successfully making patient centricity a reality. Panelists for this session include:

  • Michelle Berg, VP Patient Advocacy | Abeona Therapeutics
  • Stephanie Petrone, Executive Director, Medical Operations | Novartis
  • Katie Mazuk, Sr. Dir., Global Head Investigator & Patient Engagement | Johnson & Johnson
  • Richard Tsai, VP Marketing | Inspire (moderator)

Click here for a full list of speakers.


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In an age where we are inundated with electronic interactions, connecting with individuals face-to-face has become a rarity. Conferences certainly enable that interaction. Although it would be nice to go to every conference, the requirements of your job prohibit that. So how do you decide which clinical conferences are worthy of your time?

In this recent editorial on Clinical Leader, Editor Ed Miseta analyzes a Harvard Business Review article and attempts to answer the question and what matters most to attendees.

He then took those findings and focused his attention on inviting subject-matter experts to attend as speakers and panelists. This video blog highlights the three areas of focus that make Clinical Leader Forum a conference you must attend. Lean on our community of veterans with real experience at small, mid-sized, and large sponsor companies.

Clinical Leader Forum Speakers include:

  • Michelle Berg, VP Patient Advocacy, Abeona Therapeutics
  • Karen Brooks, Senior Director Clinical Operations, Adare Pharmaceuticals
  • Molly Rosano, VP Clinical Development Operations, Momenta Pharmaceuticals
  • Elizabeth Garner, CMO, SVP Clinical Development, Agile Therapeutics
  • Christine Pierre, Founder & President, Society for Clinical Research Sites
  • Paulo Moreira, VP Global Clinical Ops & External Innovation, EMD Serono
  • Deirde BeVard, VP Development Operations, Nektar Therapeutics
  • Stephanie Petrone, Executive Director Medical Operations, Novartis

Click here for a full list of speakers.

How do you choose your strategic partner?

As pharma’s use of CROs continues to grow, so does the talk about outsourcing models. Today, one of the most popular models seems to be highly integrated strategic partnerships. Unfortunately, that model does not work for every company. Partnering agreements often seem to be built on a broad and sustainable pipeline, but for small- and mid-sized companies, that pipeline often does not exist. Craig Coffman, executive director of clinical operations and outsourcing for Nektar Therapeutics was recently featured in the editorial, How Nektar Therapeutics Improves The Transactional Outsourcing Model.

“My job involves selecting and contracting with vendors,” says Craig Coffman, “You have to do your homework, select the right company, communicate your goals, and provide proper oversight. Doing the right things, and doing them over and over again, helps ensure we always get the right vendor to meet the needs we have.”

Selecting the right CRO might be the most critical decision facing pharma executives. With thousands of CROs to choose from, how do you find the one that is right for you? Proven Strategies for Selecting the Right CRO for Your Trial will provide you with proven and effective strategies for making the right choice.


Learn how others are choosing their CROs at Clinical Leader Forum May 10 – 11 in Philadelphia with these confirmed panelists:

  • Deidre BeVard, VP Development Operations
  • Nektar Therapeutics; Elizabeth Garner,CMO & SVP, Clinical Development, Agile Therapeutics
  • Paulo Moreira, Global Clinical Operations & External Innovation, EMD Serono

 What can you expect from Clinical Leader Forum? Clinical Leader Chief Editor and Conference Chair, Ed Miseta explains our difference: